Want to save the library? Burn books

This is an old case study but always a great reminder of the power of being creative in public relations. Take a look at the video below:

The reason I love this case study is that it highlights the need for strategy to power your communications campaign and why you need to be bold about making a statement that will leave impact on your audiences.

This campaign could have taken a very different turn, a very bland one, if the campaigners had stuck to a standard – inform the public, push the yes vote etc etc.

A strategy is the lifeblood of a campaign. It is what makes the campaign different, what makes it stand out and what powers the messages, content and tactics.

So how do you come up with strategy?

Thinking about the strategy for your communications campaign is where you get to be creative. A lot of people assume that creativity in communications comes in creating content, but it actually starts in the strategy stage.

Your strategy is where you take the cold hard facts from your research that have helped you understand what you need to achieve and combine them with your creativity to come up with a new way of tackling the subject with your audience.

Think about the example of the Troy Library – some of the tactical and content elements of the campaign were creative (i loved the book burning book bags) but the real creativity came in developing the initial book burning idea itself.

Do you have a campaign or a communications topic that you are currently trying to tackle with your audience? What books are you going to burn to make your message stand out?