LGBTI communities are a diverse set of audiences that cannot be targeted simply by their sexuality or gender.

As a community leader in the LGBTI community sector in Australia, David has strong experience in meaningful engagement with audiences that identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex. His experience includes:

  • President of the Gay and Lesbian Organisation of Business and Enterprise (GLOBE), an association dedicated to forwarding the careers and businesses of those that identify as LGBTI.
  • Running the media engagement for the Midsumma Festival and Melbourne’s Pride March for the past 3 years, Victoria’s LGBTI arts and culture festival and one of the largest LGBTI festivals in the world.
  • Founder and convenor of the quarterly President’s Dinners, a networking event to bring together leaders of Victoria’s LGBTI community.
  • Running the communications and media relations for the Pride Cup, an annual event that was founded to reduce homophobia in the AFL.
  • Founder of the GLOBE Community Awards, now yearly awards that were created to celebrate the inspirational work in Victoria’s LGBTI community.

If your organisations is seeking to target LGBTI communities, speak to Says David Communications about engaging these communities in a meaningful way.


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