How not to send shoppers into a Click Frenzy

This should have been predicted.

It’s 7.09pm on Tuesday 20 November, 9 minutes after ‘the sale that stops the nation’ was due to begin, and is no where to be found.

After much hype and promotion and even a feature on tonight’s A Current Affair giving a preview of all the massive bargains, shoppers are being left frustrated and angry as the 24 hour sale counts down with no website in site.

This follows a crash on the David Jones site after a copycat Christmas Frenzy sale to compete with clickfrenzy:

Well it seems like David Jones didn’t have to bother because it doesn’t seem like Click Frenzy will be going anywhere.

I can imagine the headlines already ‘Click Fail’, ‘The Sale that Brings Down a Site’ and other such headlines will show the absolute fail of this promotion.

As head of digital I do know that things sometimes do go wrong, and I have a lot of patience for wrangling with technology. But not when your entire promotion is based around it.

If you are advertising an online only sale to millions of people and giving them a 24-hour window in which to shop in, then testing testing and testing your technology needs to be the biggest part of your strategy.

I will also be interested to see what their issues management strategy is. I haven’t seen any comment on Twitter (where hundreds of Tweets screaming abuse on Click Frenzy are appearing) nor any other official word of what is going on with the site.

We can only wait and see…. but how long will we wait?

….,” says David