Cyberwarfare brings food for thought

Today’s post in Techland, which ran through some of the background to the cut-off of internet connections to the politically unstable Egypt highlights how much of an integral part the internet is now to our communication.

You can take a look at the post here:

It is amazing how increasingly dependent we are on online communication, and on the networks that now join the world, that cyberwarfare is a viable part of military systems.

I recently read an article (my apologies because i can’t remember where I read it – one of those random things I came across on the Interweb!) that explained how Denial of Service (DoS) attacks are used as a part of war. DoS attacks are a type of cyberwarfare attack that floods a system with useless requests, effectively disabling it from doing its normal functions.

This article talked about how these attacks are increasingle being used as a pre-cursor to an attack, with the attacking military attacking telecommunications, banking and internet infrastructure to cut off an area from the rest of the world- delaying the spread of news and any intervention.

Food for thought??

….” says David.

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